Red Palm Beach Resort: REVIEW

Our stay in the said resort is actually a BLESSING.
Despite of having a last minute booking, yeah, you read it right, last minute booking.  (From my previous blogged re My Bohol Travel Planning and Itinerary, you can see there that I had the preparation over 6 months; from the places to go, down to our accommodation). Now, speaking of accommodation, originally I had my reservations na at Whites and Greens (WAGs) but then, after reading and hearing some negative feedback’s I decided to scout for another place to stay. (Since this is our first out of Luzon trip, I wanted it to be something worth remembering).
Good thing, an officemate referred me to our fellow officemate who happened to have a vacation house in Doljo, Panglao. According to him, the resort is nice, but the word nice can have so many definitions!
So honestly, I don’t know what to expect kasi they don’t have website pa. Good thing, the owner (Mr. Rodrigo Polentinos) is very accommodating. I often would email Sir Boy and he’d definitely reply minutes after. As first time “Bohol go-ers” that alone gave us an assurance that our stay would be OK.
Another plus is calling me a day before our arrival in Tagbilaran, to confirm our arrival. He also reminded us that there’ll be a van assigned to pick us up. These kind gestures of the Red Palm owner makes you realize that getting their services is a wise choice. I scouted and emailed nearby resorts and they’d definitely charge more.
Now, the moment we arrived, I know I am home. The resort brings a feel of a province life, a slow paced life I have been looking for. Upon our arrival, the owner welcomed us like as if we are a family members. Then our lunch was served and prepared in front of the beach, cradle on green trees and a few walk would lead you to the white sand and clear water of Doljo, Panglao!
We occupied the two newly built cottages and saw how the staffs prepared for our stay.
Upon entering the room, you can smell a sweet scent, the towels are all new and good quality, not the usual kind of towels that you can have when you’re on typical beach resort.  The place is worth of every cent you pay. Our room has a big comfort room (I love the lababo and the shower, their water is not maalat also compare to the other resorts); our bed is queen size, which can accommodate 3 adults. They also have a big cabinet and I love it as it is! No messy luggage’s scattered at the floor. They also have a LCD cabled television (kaya sobrang saya ng mga kids’ kasi they won’t miss out SpongeBob and Mr. Bean daw. The rooms are very nice and complete.  Then my three teenagers na pamangkin naman, spent time in front of their laptops and use the resorts free wi-fi!
The staffs were friendly and even told us to approach them in case we needed anything. Tapos one of my pamangkin wasn’t feeling well that time sinumpong sya ng asthma nya and one of their staff went to town and bought medicines pa.
We were there to bond, swim, tour, talk, eat, play, wrestle with each other and sleep! Life! That’s how you define nice! That’s how we like it and the feel of a home away from home we found – right there and we will surely come back!